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Strengthen exchanges and cooperation to promote Global Energy Interconnection

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Fatih Birol    Director of the International Energy Agency 

The International Energy Agency has been carrying out personnel and expert exchanges with State Grid Corporation of China to promote Global Energy Interconnection. In my opinion, today's conference opens a new chapter of the IEA (International Energy Agency) and China cooperation. As the competent organization of international energy, the International Energy Agency believes that today's energy can be directly linked to three important ideas.

First, energy is the engine of economic growth, and the economy cannot grow without energy. Second, energy accounts for two-thirds of the causes of climate change, which means energy is also a problem. Third, now there are 1.2 billion people who have no access to electricity, and such a number is equivalent to 20% of the global population, which is not a small problem and nor is it just a number.  

At present, some experts of State Grid Corporation of China are working in our Paris headquarter so that we have fully realized that the large-scale construction of transmission infrastructure is very important to solve the energy supply in the future.

How to fully tap the potential of the global grid networking? The development model of power grid has been centralized and on the basis of carbon based fossil energy all along. The transmission system must adapt to the development of sustainable and renewable energy resources, especially solar energy and wind energy, which are different in different time and different regions. Therefore, we must redesign and rebuild our power system.

In 2014, we made an important research and analysis and found out that 40% of the existing transmission lines have been aging and facing elimination, so it is a good time for us to build new transmission lines and transmission infrastructure now.

China is changing the structure of energy supply system and has established the more diversified energy structure and energy mix. In addition, China is constantly improving energy efficiency. The International Energy Agency has been working closely with the Chinese government and relevant agencies of China. China has become a joint member of IEA and we have carried out cooperation in energy security, energy technology, energy efficiency and many other aspects.