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Fully support the development of Global Energy Interconnection

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--Frans Vreeswijk    General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Inter 

Global Energy Interconnection provides an unprecedented opportunity to share the resources of the earth in a global scale and to achieve a greener and more sustainable future. It also provides a strong guarantee for the effective use of clean energy and achieving reliable energy supply for everyone.

Global Energy Interconnection has a high technical difficulty, and the introduction of international standards is an essential requirement to solve this technical problem. In the setting of Global Energy Interconnection, the infrastructure will be highly dependent on each other. In order to make the countries more confident to meet the opportunities brought by Global Energy Interconnection, a standard method for designing and building a multilevel interactive infrastructure system must be introduced.

Although mutual dependence is a fundamental feature of all energy infrastructures, Global Energy Interconnection has a higher demand for the mutual dependence of each other. To meet this demand, it is necessary to make a clear decision on the overall availability and take it into consideration at the beginning of the infrastructure design, rather than adopting those programs which are measured or added afterwards. The introduction of international standards will play a key role at the beginning of achieving a high degree of infrastructure interdependence.

Global Energy Interconnection may be the most complex system in the history. This concept will fully benefit from the unprecedented unique system approach that is firstly adopted by International Electrical Commission. This system approach unites global organizations for standard and combines skills of global experts. China has become the important practitioner of this system approach. Over the years, Chinese experts have made positive contributions to the work of the International Electrotechnical Commission. The International Electrotechnical Commission will fully support Global Energy Interconnection, which is a visionary and great project.