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The EU Providing Aid to the Construction of Solar Power Plant in West Africa

Under the auspice of the EU and the financial support from its member country France, Burkina Faso decided on 29th, November to build the project of a new solar power plant, launched by French President Ma Cron and Burkina Faso’s President Mark Christian Kapore. The EU is set to offer 25 million euros (or about 195 million yuan) in aid and the AFD (Agence Francaise de Development) plans to provide 22.5 million euros (or about 175 million yuan) loan.
The installed capacity of this solar power plant reaches 100 thousand kilowatts and will be completed and put into operation in 2020. As such, this project could bring power supply to 660 thousand local people and meet 6% of the energy demand in Burkina Faso. The project is achieved within the framework that the EU promised to help its partner nations to transfer into green energy ones, which contributes to the establishment of partnership between the EU and African countries, a partnership which is more result-oriented. (Source: Pan European network website)