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Minutes of 2018 GEI Conference for Your Review and Comment

2018 Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) Conference, which took place last month in Beijing from 28-29 March, was attended by more than 1,100 representatives from over 30 countries and regions, including International organizations, governments, industry associations, enterprises and universities, etc. During the course of the event, 80 key representatives addressed the conference, delivered speeches and shared their thoughts. The conference also witnessed the launch of 12 technical breakthroughs and reports, including that of the Global Energy Interconnection Backbone Grid. 

The participants had in-depth exchanges and discussions on key issues of GEI and formed extensive consensus. GEIDCO has summarized the Conference Minutes for your review and comment. Please feel free to send your comment or  feedback to us by email: before April 20,2018.


The Minutes of 2018 Global Energy Interconnection ConferenceDraft

2018 Global Energy Interconnection(GEI) Conference has been successfully held in Beijing, China on March 28th and 29th. Under the theme of Global Energy Interconnection: From China’s Initiative to Global Action, the Conference polled global wisdom to have in-depth discussion on key issues of clean development, energy interconnection, open collaboration, innovative actions, and released 12 significant technical breakthroughs and reports. The Conference was attended by over 1100 representatives from over 400 international organizations, governments, industrial associations, enterprises and universities in more than 30 countries and regions. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and other political figures sent congratulation videos and letters. Over 80 key representatives, including ministers, ambassadors, academicians and leading officials of international organizations, gave keynote addresses and speeches at the Conference. The Conference ended up with broad consensus and great success after in-depth exchanges and discussions about the progress of GEI. 

I.GEI Initiative is the only way towards the world’s sustainable development. 

Since the start of this century, countries around the world have been confronted with major challenges of resource depletion, environmental pollution, climate change and population without electricity, which poses a great threat to the survival and development of mankind. As stated in the Conference, by developing GEI: 1) the share of clean energy will exceed 70% in the total primary energy mix by 2050, substituting 18.6 billion tons of coal equivalent of fossil energy consumption annually. 2) With a 37 billion tons’ decrease of carbon dioxide emission and 630 million tons’ decrease of sulfur dioxide and other contaminant, air pollution will be effectively tackled, and the goal of the Paris Agreement can be realized. 3) Global energy supply cost will be lowered significantly and sustainable energy for all will be implemented. Representatives believe that tackling challenges like climate change required accelerated efforts in de-carbonization. GEI is an innovative and insightful initiative, which plays as the gold key to promote sustainable development worldwide. GEI has taken the global joint effort to combat climate change and promote green development to the next level, helping protect ecology of the earth and promote economic prosperity and social progress.

II. GEI has been an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative and construction of a Community of Shared Future.

Representatives believe that GEI which boosts interconnection of infrastructure as well as energy transition towards green and low carbon growth, will promote the construction of the Belt and Road and a community of shared future, and contribute to world peace and development. Representatives suggest launching a batch of mature, efficient and urgently demanding projects of clean energy development and power grid interconnection under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, such as interconnection of China and its neighboring countries, interconnection within Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, etc. These projects will set good examples for GEI.

III. GEI has evolved from China’s initiative to global action.

Since it was proposed more than two years ago by Xi Jinping, President of China, GEI has been applauded and actively responded by international community. As was pointed out by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the GEI Initiative provides a key to solutions that can efficiently use rich and renewable resources, to deliver more than energy services to all even at long distances. All parties involved should bring strong commitments to the energy transition. Speakers worldwide introduced practices and effects in developing clean energy and encouraging cross-border power interconnection of their respective countries and regions. Representatives see that GEI has evolved from theory into practices and moved into global action, and appeal to the world to accelerate regional gird interconnection under the GEI framework.

IV. With fruitful innovations, GEI is well prepared for acceleration

GEIDCO released 4 important achievements during the Conference, including the GEI Backbone Grid, Development Index, Technology & Equipment Innovation Outline, and Standard System Research. These achievements propose the blueprints, implementation methods and criteria system for GEI development. State Grid Corporation of China and other 7 enterprises released technical breakthroughs and reports respectively, including UHV (Ultra high voltage) AC/DC projects, UHV VSC(Voltage source converter)-HVDC,large-capacity submarine cables,1100kV converter transformers,high voltage DC circuit breakers, large-scale wind turbines, cascade hydropower dispatch, and ICT(Information and communication technologies) applications. Representatives agree that these achievements are highly foresighted and innovative and will lay foundation for GEI development in terms of top-level design, technology, equipment, operation, dispatch, etc. Particularly, the GEI Backbone Grid, featuring nine horizontal and nine vertical backbone channels, is of great importance to speed up the development of global clean energy and realization of global emission reduction.

V. GEI plays an active role in pushing forward global energy transition.

Dedicated to establishing an international platform for mutual consultation, co-development, sharing and win-win cooperation, GEIDCO has made important progress in promoting the concept of GEI, planning and research, international cooperation and project implementations. More and more members have joined GEIDCO and partnership has been expanded and consolidated. Representatives speak highly of GEIDCO for its efforts and achievements in pushing forward energy cooperation, regarding that GEIDCO has become an important force to promote green and low-carbon development with increasing global influence. Parties involved expect GEIDCO to make more achievements in terms of GEI strategic planning, and technical standard, contribute more to facilitate the energy transition and achieve sustainable development. In addition, many representatives hope to strengthen cooperation with GEIDCO on renewable energy development, power grid interconnection and smart grid.

VI. Representatives enthusiastically come up with ideas and suggestions for GEI development.

Focusing on how to give full play to the initiative of all parties, representatives offered many suggestions summarized as follows:

1. The UN conducts dialogue and cooperation among countries by promoting to formulate conventions and rules on electric power interconnection and transaction.

2. Governments introduce policies and mechanisms conducive to clean energy development and power gird interconnection, and encourage all stakeholders to engage in GEI development.

3. Regional organizations function as platforms to boost political trust and regional integration.

4. International organizations in energy area formulate GEI technology standards to accelerate the integration of technology and industry, guiding the GEI research, equipment manufacturing, construction and management.

5. Energy and power enterprises need to step up their transitions, and vigorously push forward clean energy and grid interconnection projects.

6. Financial institutions step up the establishment of GEI funds, and actively promote investment and financing for green energy and interconnection projects.

7. Research institutions strengthen technical R&D, and make breakthroughs in key technologies and equipment, such as UHV large-capacity submarine cables, UHV VSC-HVDC and highly efficient clean power generation.

8. Colleges and universities strengthen personnel training and discipline building, providing academic impetus for the development of GEI.

9. The media give more media coverage about GEI, the public can therefore better understand, support and participate in GEI.

GEI has stepped into a new era of global action, with bright prospects and immense possibilities. Let us join hands in this great endeavors, work together and forge ahead to create a better future for the GEI. May this great undertaking benefit the whole world and mankind!